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Christmas Holidays together with Blood&Honey

New Year is just a few days away, it’s incredible how fast the time passed by. We hope that you still remember our look with the Blood&Honey cardigans with the furry panda pockets which were so eye catchy and fun. Today we want to share with additional creation from this brand which is beautiful dresses, they perfectly suit for New Years holidays. We are planning to wear them for the celebration with our families. These dresses are very elegant and combine two things in one. First of all, they look modest and totally appropriate because of their below the knee length and a turtle neck. However, they are quite playfulness with a bit of spice, by reason of their girly color and furry mink cuffs. The dresses perfectly fit our body silhouette. Besides, they are really warm, cozy and made of 100 percent wool. That’s why, when we wear them we feel comfortable, elegant and festive at the same time. By the way, the furry cuffs are made from real mink fur. Thus, if you are still looking for a perfect dress for New Year’s or Christmas and you are planning to celebrate it at a conservative setting,  please, take a look at Blood&Honey website! We assure you definitely find something that you will like.

We want to thank Blood& Honey for giving us a chance to enjoy their beautiful dresses.






Photographer: Alejandro Cerdeña